Happy New Year!

Holidays may seem a long time ago, but it's still a Happy New Year!


We finished 2023 with the addition of 13 highly talented new members to the esqLABS family. 2024 has started equally well. and we have welcomed five more new members to the ESQlabs family. They join us from leading academic and industry institutions and bring to the company a diverse set of backgrounds and expertise in systems pharmacology, systems toxicology, software development, project management, and business development. They will help us to expand our capabilities and deliver innovative solutions to our clients across the globe.  

Welcome Marco, Rudi, Sophie, Ian and Alex! 


Clockwise from top left are Marco Siccardi (Systems Toxicology Lead), Rudolf Engelke (Senior R Developer), Sophie Fischer-Holzhausen (Systems Pharmacology Scientist), Ian-Peter Du (Software Developer) and Alexander Kulesza (Systems Pharmacology Lead).  

OSP Suite Workshop at ASCPT 

We are happy to announce the first hybrid (virtual & in-person) OSP Suite (Version 11) workshop on PK-Sim® PBPK (DDI) and MoBi® QSP (oncology) modeling as a satellite meeting immediately prior to the ASCPT 2024 Annual Meeting on 25 March 2024 in Colorado Springs, CO.

esqLABS Solutions and Services Offering 

As we continue to grow our team, we are also growing our portfolio of projects and services. As 2023 closed with a record number of successfully completed projects for our clients, 2024 has kicked-off even more dynamic. 

To support our growth and align our capabilities with the needs of our clients, we have established a new company structure with teams for our three main business areas: Systems Pharmacology, Systems Toxicology and Software Development. These teams will enable us to refine our solutions and services space and provide even more targeted high-quality offerings in 2024. Each team consists of experts with diverse backgrounds and skills, who collaborate closely to deliver innovative and impactful solutions for drug discovery and development, chemical safety assessment and digital transformation. We are proud of our team and the value they bring to our clients and partners. 


In 2024, we will launch our new solutions offering, esqLABS Academy, which provides training and education on various topics related to systems pharmacology and toxicology, model-informed drug discovery and development and next-generation risk assessment. We received positive feedback from our participants and are planning to offer more courses and workshops in 2024. 

Conferences and Events 2024


We are looking forward to getting back on the road with some upcoming conferences and workshops, offering examples of our science and training platforms. We hope to meet many of you there in person! 


  • Discussing large molecules in oncology at PAMM event – 7-10th February  

  • Attending and presenting at the SOT conference – 10-14th March 

  • Attending and presenting at the ASCPT conference – 27-29th March 

Internal Development 

esqLABS have taken advantage of the beginning of the year and we had our usual company in the lovely ‘City of Dreams’ – Vienna, where historically a blend of philosophy, art and science has been championed. Similarly, we see that our main business areas at esqLABS of Systems Pharmacology, Systems Toxicology and Software Development are complementary disciplines, using the the methodology and knowledge from each to create synergy.  

We shall be working on this throughout the year ahead with our clients! 

Wishing you a great year ahead 

Let us know your thoughts and how we can help you in 2024! 


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