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About Us

MPSlabs is a dedicated business unit of ESQlabs. Our international and multidisciplinary team develops software solutions and provides consulting services for pharmaceutical companies and research institutions working in the field of microphysiological systems and organ-on-chips.

At MPSlabs, our mission is to enhance the predictive power of MPS and OoCs in drug testing. Through our advanced platforms, we facilitate the emulation of human physiological conditions within these systems and translate the results to in-human situations more accurately, assessing drug efficacy, and identifying potential hazards earlier.


We provide a wide range of simulation services for MPS systems to support end-users in MPS operations and facilitate their decision-making process.

Pillar I Multi-functional Scaling 

Our expertise in microphysiological systems (MPS) and organ-on-chips (OoCs) allows us to optimize the morphology and geometry of these systems for more accurate replication of human physiology in vitro.

Pillar II Experimental Design and Operation 

We offer tailored protocol design services for a wide range of MPS systems, allowing researchers to set up experiments with precision and confidence. Our protocols are designed to simulate operating scenarios and model complex biological processes, providing researchers with valuable insights into drug behavior and efficacy.

Pillar III – Integration into ESQlabs Core 

Our integration services seamlessly incorporate MPS and OoC data into the core services of ESQlabs, enhancing translational and predictive accuracy throughout the drug development process. By predicting in vivo dose exposure, simulating drug-drug interaction scenarios, and accounting for special populations, we empower researchers to make informed decisions and accelerate the path to clinical success.

Our Pipeline