We Are Launching New Courses On OSP R & esqlabsR

We will be releasing several online self-paced courses on the OSP R package ecosystem & esqlabsR framework to help modelers streamline their PBPK models easier & faster!

📦 OSP R packages ecosystem 

A comprehensive overview of OSP R packages ecosystem, a suite of tools designed to streamline your PBPK workflows. This course details how you can make the most of each of these packages and how they interact between each other’s.

🧑💻Learn OSP R package fundamentals 

This course will teach you everything you need to know to use the {ospsuite} R package. Complete it to know how to build fully automated, reproducible, and efficient PBPK simulation pipeline: 

  • Setup and run simulations, 
  • Generate beautiful plots, 
  • Run sensitivity analysis, 
  • Customize and compute PK parameters, 
  • Optimize simulation running time. 

🔓 Unlock the power of esqlabsR workflow 

This course will introduce you to the {esqlabsR} workflow which was tailored to make PBPK modeling faster and easier. The {esqlabsR} package adds another layer of features on top of {ospsuite}, it also makes modeler’s life easier with a convenient user interface and a way to setup and run thousands of simulation scenarios  in one go. Last but not least, {esqlabsR} also provides a way to easily and automatically generate whole batches of simulation plots. 

🚌📑Learn in a progressive and accessible way  

Each course is designed to introduce notions progressively, building on your understanding as you move through the material. You’ll learn through clear examples and practice exercises, with reminders and tips to support your learning journey. This structured approach makes the courses easy to follow and ensures you gain a solid understanding of the OSP R package ecosystem, even if you’ve never used it. 

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