Meet us at #ASCPT2023

esqLABS will present 2 posters and sponsor a networking event on March 24, 10:30 AM

The American Society of Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics (ASCPT) Meeting in Atlanta will be reuniting scientists around the world at first in-person Annual Meeting in four years under the motto “Translating Clinical Pharmacology for ALL”. The ASCPT meeting brings together clinical pharmacologists and translational scientists, and those working in areas related to clinical pharmacology to share the latest science and technology in the field. The meeting includes twelve scientific sessions as well ASCPT’s popular State of the Art and award lectures, and poster presentations to showcase the latest advancements in clinical pharmacology and translational science

– and our team will participate with a couple of highly topic-relevant contributions in the field of DDI and pediatric extrapolation and is the proud sponsor of the March 24 networking session (Friday, 10:30 am).

The scientific work, conducted as a team effort, will be presented on two posters.

A Poster by Pavel Balazki (in collaboration with Böhringer Ingelheim): PBPK MODEL OF CHOLESTEROL FOR CYP3A4 INDUCER DDI STUDIES: 4ß-OH cholesterol as endogenous biomarker for CYP3A4 induction (soon to be uploaded)

A Poster by Stephan Schaller (in collaboration with Khondrion): LEVERAGING PBPK-BASED ANALYSIS TO SUPPORT AN Adaptive trial design IN CHILDREN (soon to be uploaded)

We thank our collaborators, Böhringer Ingelheim and Khondrion.

See you in ATLANTA!


The esqLABS Team is also very much looking forward to the PAGE2023, (Ljubljana, Slovenia) where esqLABS will also participate with a strong lineup and an On-Site OSPSuite Workshop (advanced PBPK/PD for Biologics)!


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