PAGE 2023: 2x 1-Day (advanced) OSP Suite Workshop & Webinar

June 26 & 27th, Palexco, A Coruña, Spain

EsqLABS workshop on (advanced) PBPK and QSP modelling in PK-Sim® and MoBi®

Join esqLABS on June 26th and 27th for a dynamic 1 or 2-day workshop showcasing the latest innovations in physiologically-based pharmacokinetics (PBPK) and quantitative systems pharmacology (QSP) modelling. This workshop will feature hands-on training using PK-Sim® and MoBi® (OSP-Suite,, and will focus on cutting-edge topics such as FcRn inhibitors, sweeping proteins, Protein-Drug Conjugates, bispecifics, and more.

Day 1 will provide an essential introduction to mechanistic modelling and it will cover the necessary steps for ADC tumor growth inhibition.

Day 2 will explore advanced modelling on novel modalities (BITEs, NDCs, …). You can attend both days or choose to participate on either day.

With both in-person and virtual satellite attendance options, you can experience the workshop from anywhere.

With only 25 in-person seats available (unlimited online participation possible), secure your spot for € 75/225/450 per day for students/academia/industry before May 1st, or € 125/300/550 per day for late registration. Attendees will receive access to our online training courses for this workshop and a 50% discount on access to all other courses. Online seats are also available for € 0/75/150 per day for students/academia/industry. Please note, this option does not include online course materials, but you will receive a 50% discount on access to all online training materials.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your knowledge and skills in PBPK and QSP modelling. Register for our workshop today through our webshop:

Day 1: Workshop Day 1 (PAGE 2023)

Day 2: Workshop Day 2 (PAGE 2023)

or contact us via email ( for more information.


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