Our Systems Toxicology Team had a Blast at ICT2022!

Congratulations to the Team for their impactful contributions in Maastricht

The International Congress of Toxicology  (ICTXVI)  in Maastricht reunited scientists around the world after turbulent recent years under the theme ‘Uniting in Toxicology’ – And our systems toxicology team participated with strong contributions.

The scientific work was a team effort and resulted in two posters and an oral presentation:

A Poster by Huan Yang (P04-05): Machine-learning aided multi-scale modeling framework for toxicological endpoint predictions in the dog (-> Link)
-> Dr. H. Yang won the AstraZeneca early career award for this work, congrats!

A Poster by Vanessa Baier (P17-13): Development and application of a generic avian physiologically based kinetic (PBK) model for three bird species (-> Link; -> Paper Preprint; -> Model Files (soon to be uploaded))

A Talk by Alicia Paini (S28-03): Using adverse outcome pathways (AOPs) to support tiered-testing strategies for toxicity assessment.

We thank our collaborators (Bayer, EPAA, LJMU) and the EU-funded ONTOX project. Also, our PhD student Rene Geci (S28-01, P04-05), and our CEO Stephan Schaller for their contributions and support!

Further content the team contributed to, were:

  • S28-01: Characterising applicability domains of generic in vitro distribution kinetic and physiologically based kinetic models
  • P01-07: Development of an adverse outcome pathway for kidney tubular necrosis
  • P04-23: A knowledge hub leveraging public resources to improve in silico chemical safety assessment
  • P17-04: An automated tool for selection of chemical analogues to facilitate development of new physiologically-based kinetic models using a read-across approach
  • P21-31: Criteria for selecting physiologically-based kinetic models for use in developing new models for data-poor analogues via a read across approach

The esqLABS Team is very much looking forward to EUROTOX2023, where esqLABS will participate with a strong lineup!

See you next year in Ljubljana, Slovenia!


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