From within the „MoDiPro“ collaborations network, esqLABS & Partners receive grant for the GlucoSys Project.

esqLABS & Partners receive grant for „MoDiPro“ project GlucoSys

From within the „MoDiPro“ collaborations network, esqLABS & Partners have received a grant by the German Ministry of Economy for the GlucoSys Project. GlucoSys aims at developing a new technology solution for the control of blood glucose of intensive care patients in ICU wards.

The aim of the GlucoSys project is the development of an integrated system for monitoring and control of blood glucose levels of intensive care patients. The to be developed decision support system will, for the first time, continuously control blood glucose levels of individual patients and is aligned with clinical standards (in the ICU ward).

Focus of the development is a computational unit, which, based on individual measurements of blood glucose and additional patient biomarkers, will calculate the optimal dose of insulin using predictive patient specific simulation models. A revolutionary new volume- and blood loss-free sensor technology has been specifically adapted for use in humans for this project to monitor patient blood glucose levels. It will use standard catheter systems used in ICU to minimalize workflow adaptations in the ICU to increase acceptance of the system by clinical staff.

The model-based control of insulin infusion will allow personalized management of glucose levels and early risk mitigation. With this automated closed-loop approach to blood glucose control it will be possible to monitor and control an increased number of patients in the ICU ward without increasing personnel and still reduce risks for complications and thereby reduce overall mortality of intensive care patients.

This project is supported by: Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie) according to a decision of the German Federal Parliament.

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