esqLABS @ ACoP 10 (2019)

We will be giving two workshops on PBPK and PBPK/PD (PB-QSP) using PK-Sim and MoBi, and will present on leveraging PBPK for QSP in pediatrics.
Meet us at our booth if you want to learn how you can leverage PBPK/PD platforms for your drug development program.

esqLABS is @ ACoP 10 (2019)

esqLABS will be @ ACoP 10 in Orlando, FL, USA from October 19th to 24th, 2019.
We will be giving a PK-Sim & MoBi Workshop on PBPK/PD and QSP, and present our research in scientific talks and poster presentations.

Visit us @ our exhibit booth (#10) to learn more how we can support your R&D workflow with the OPEN-SOURCE tools PK-Sim & MoBi for your PBPK and (PB-)QSP MIDD strategy.



esqLABS will be giving a PBPK/PD workshop with the free and open-access M&S software tool OSPSuite (PK-Sim® & MoBi®) as a satellite meeting on the topic

1)  Pre ACoP: Protein PBPK/PD modeling for antibody drug conjugates (ADC):

  • When: Saturday 19th of October, 2019
  • What: Concepts and application of combining PK-Sim, MoBi and R to build PBPK/PD platforms for translational research
  • Register: via the ACoP registration on (agend can be found here)

Exhibit Booth(s)

esqLABS, will be @ Booth #10: Visit us to discuss how we can best support your MIDD strategy with market-leading open-source tools for PBPK and QSP modeling (PK-Sim and MoBi).

As a proud member of the Open Systems Pharmacology Management Team, we will be co-hosting the OSP Community Booth (Booth #15) with other Members from the OSP Management Team: Visit us to learn more about the open-access and open-source tools PK-Sim and MoBi (OSP Suite) and the roadmap for their development.


Posters & Presentations

On October 22nd, Session3b (9-10:30 am), our Director Dr. Stephan Schaller will be giving a talk on “An integrated PB-QSP platform for the evaluation of the effects of age in diabetes” within “Session 3b: Don’t Forget the Children: How Quantitative Systems Pharmacology can Reshape Extrapolation in Pediatric Drug Development”.

On October 24th, Tutorial 3 (8 am-12), we will present a Tutorial on the market-leading open-source tools PK-Sim and MoBi for PBPK/PD and present the roadmap for the associated open-source project: “Open Systems Pharmacology community – an open access, open source, open science approach to modeling and simulation in pharmaceutical sciences

Pavel Balazki will present a poster on how “Physiologically-based Quantitative Systems Pharmacology integrates Drug Development and Precision Medicine in Diabetes” to present how PB-based QSP Platforms can lead the way for precision medicine with new treatments for diabetes.

Dr. Marco Albrecht will present a poster on “QSP of dabrafenib metabolism: enzyme induction and mechanistic DDI prediction” to demontstrate the limits of classic enzyme kinetic laws and how to overcome these with mechanistic DDI models.


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