2021 in Review for the esqLABS Software Development Team

2021 in Review for the esqLABS Software Development Team

2021 was a busy year for the esqLABS software team, with lot of effort invested to deliver the new version 10 of the open-source modeling software “Open-Systems-Pharmacology Suite” (OSPSuite), packed with new features.

Version 10 includes a brand-new observed data importer, developed by the esqLABS Software Team, with new possibilities to the user: saving and loading data import mapping configurations in order to reuse them on other files with the same data format, better filtering of data and reloading (updating) observed data sets from a data source file. The new importer is also now available to be used directly from R with the OSPSuite-R package.

The esqLABS software team continues to grow, and we are happy to welcome Dr. Indrajeet Patil as an experienced R developer. With this growing team, esqLABS looks forward to expanding its software development efforts, with the support of our partners and clients.

With the support from our clients, we have also started implementing further new features for the OSP Suite to be released in upcoming versions of the open-source software. esqLABS is proud to be an active member of the OSP Community and in 2022, we will continue to support the OSP Community with our in-kind contributions for a further improvement of the OSPSuite by solving various errors and the issues raised by the ever-growing OSP Community.

We are looking forward to an exciting year ahead with new software developments for projects already well in progress, like the German state-funded OSMOSES project for the modularization of the OSPSuite, or the EU-funded project ONTOX.


Stay tuned!

Georgios Daskalakis

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