2020 in Review for the OSP (PK-Sim & MoBi) Development Team

2020 in Review for the OSP (PK-Sim & MoBi) Development Team

While the world seemed to stay still, this year was full of (e)motions for the Open Systems Pharmacology Community. esqLABS is thrilled to contribute to this initiative and witness its continued success.

2020 was the year of the release of Version 9 of the software suite and many pioneering auxiliary tools for analysis and qualification.

The latest release (download) improves user experience and introduces a brand-new R-package, a Reporting Engine and a (re-)Qualification Framework. The new release extends the library of publicly available qualified PBPK-models and qualifies the platform for a multitude of contextual use scenarios such as predictions of Drug-Drug-Interactions.

The OSP Management Team, of which esqLABS is a proud member, meets bi-weekly and has published a whitepaper on the open-source open-systems-pharmacology.org project. A roadmap outlining future developments and strategic topics for the open-source project is currently being finalized and about to be published.

esqLABS is proud to be an active member of the OSP community, contributing to the software’s development. Supported by the OSMOSES funding project coordinated by esqLABS, the suite’s development has taken a quick pace, and version 10 is not far away.

Stay tuned!


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